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Join us with our guest Nathan Hirsch from Freeeup.com as he talks to us about becoming a part of someone's dream team or building your own dream team. Looking for qualified workers then look no further than this episode of Mind the Business.

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About The Guest

My name is Nathan Hirsch and I am the Founder and CEO of FreeeUp, a dedicated online platform that provides curated, real time solutions to hiring remote workers thus positively impacting critical human resources needs of organizations.

For over 15 years now, I have been on the entrepreneurial fast lane building successful multi-million dollar businesses accompanied by an unrelenting commitment to client service excellence and human resource leadership. In 2006, I founded my first online venture out of my college dorm room, selling and buying student textbooks. This idea was born to tackle the challenge of price disparity of textbooks in brick and mortar stores, thereby making it more affordable for students to procure them online. I then rapidly scaled my e-commerce business, bootstrapping from a $20 student - cause initiative to a multi-million dollar e-tailer clocking in revenues in excess of $30 million on Amazon across a 6 year period while serving over 10,000 customers.                                    

No Up Front Fees or Costs. Take the Challenge.

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