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1. Its just a fad.

   That was said of Marconi, Farnsworth, and Bell, who were the great inventors of the technologies we take for granted today. It’s understandable that fear of something new can be a bit of a challenge.  

2. iRadio 

“Coming to you live from my extra room in my house which has been redesigned as a radio studio”... What a mouth full, right? Well, the technology is here to do just that. And guess what--the price tag is not as much as you think.

3. Saving A.M. Radio 

Is music the way to save A.M. Radio? 

4. A lesson in History

 Well, maybe Andy Warhol said it best, "In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes".He is absolutely right due to the existence of Facebook, Youtubeand Twitter.