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Lean some great new marketing ideas from our guest Tema Frank. These are ideas that will work.

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About The Guest

1. Host of the Frank Reactions podcast on customer experience, Tema interviews business leaders & experts to help you deliver on the 3P Profit Formula: Promise + People + Process = Profits. Get those things right consistently and your customers will love you and your organization will thrive

2. Author of the forthcoming book, PeopleShock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule (http://peopleshock.com)

3. Omnichannel customer experience, digital marketing, and usability consultant, with three decades helping clients such as Bank of America, the Royal Bank of Canada, ING Direct, the Government of Alberta, Cruise Ship Centres, Edmonton Public Schools, etc.

Some of my previous experiences: 

- I put up my first website in 1995 (to promote my book, "Canada's Best Employers for Women", which became a career best-seller).

- Frustrated by how badly most websites worked, in 2001 I launched Web Mystery Shoppers, which borrowed the concept of mystery shopping from retail and applied it to websites. Using custom-built research software, my panel of 70,000+ people and I tested customer experiences on their websites, with their contact center staff and sometimes in their physical locations. 

- Starting in 2010 I launched a project to bring my marketing and communications skills to the challenge of convincing the public, and ultimately politicians, of the importance of adequate, consistent funding for early childhood and child well-being programs. 

- I have served on various boards of directors (e.g. University of Alberta Senate member; BusinessLink board member, President of Litfest ; Regional Chair, Canadian Women in Communications; Chair, Brian Webb Dance Company,...) and been active in many industry associations (e.g. Usability Professionals' Association, where I was on the editorial board of 'User Experience' magazine).

Specialties: Customer Experience, Usability, Digital Marketing & Communications Strategy, Market Research, Speaking, Teaching, Plain English Writing.

Get Temas book below.

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