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Business Growth Expert, Speaker, Talk Show Host, Corporate Social Media Trainer "I have the privilege of working with and coaching purposeful CEO's, leaders and entrepreneurs to take decisive actions so that they can get their greatest work into the world!".

With a 10 year radio career overlapping 20 years in consulting, marketing, branding and growing companies, Lisa Caprelli uses content and message branding in a 360 degree strategy.

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About Lisa Caprelli

She has published on Amazon: Color Your Message: The Art of Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Lisa has worked with a wide range of professionals and entrepreneurs: CEO's, real estate, mortgage professionals, universities, education, lawyers, automotive, medical, celebrities, coaches, authors, tourism, technology executives, and subject matter experts.

Over the years, Lisa has become widely known as a source of inspiring others to take action with their growth and business innovation, digital growth and media attention.

At 29 she moved from San Antonio, Texas to Orange County, California to begin the launch of her very first business. Within a year, she had co-founded, marketed and operated a successful mortgage and real estate company.

Companies seek Lisa out for her strategy and ability to develop and implement technology, marketing tools, team-building, human resources, relationships, referrals and systems.

Her media career has included radio shows, real estate finance books, a business marketing show (The Business Experience Show) writing and radio productions on stations like 97.1 FM, KFWB, KNX 1070, KFMB, and KABC. Today she combines digital media with video to improve websites, content marketing, and brand messaging with an outside-the-box approach.