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Europe passed the GDPR last May, and on June 28 California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act. It is one of the toughest privacy bills in the Country. We have on the show with us John Owens, who will explain what that all means to small business owners. Learn more by clicking on the player below.

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Hello, John Owens and Pam Walton here. We are so proud that The Kiwi Dreams Group is celebrating 15 years of successfully supporting individuals and businesses in New Zealand and around the globe, to grow their business, live amazing lives, fulfil their dreams and leave a legacy

That was the vision we set out with when we founded the business and we are so pleased that we have managed to stay true to it.

As our business has evolved over the years so too has our vision, which now, not only includes our passion for all of our clients to live the life of their dreams, but includes a series of ‘Giving Back Initiatives’ through which, together with our clients, we are able to support people in need around the world by providing them with resources to enable them to get themselves out of danger and poverty and live their life’s dreams.

We are very proud of what Kiwi Dreams has achieved in the last 15 years and we look forward with the same passion and enthusiasm we had when we first started, to achieving even greater things in the next 15 years, and beyond.








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