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Writing Your Own Book Is Good For Your Business!

Mind Your Business Radio presents a How To Self-Publish Your Own Book webinar, at NO COST to you, with internet expert and author Lee Romanov. She will give you a unique insight in to self-publishing, including the many areas of considerations and secrets known by only a few. 

We invite you to this live webinar on Thursday, Nov. 16, at 4 pm PST.  Please register by completing the form to the right. Guests are welcomed. Space is limited to only 200 people.

Here a quick interview with Lee on How To Write A Book In Record Time!

Who do you know who wants to write a book? You perhaps?

Nearly all business owners, founders, entrepreneurs and key managers, as well as executives, have acquired enough knowledge to write a dozen books! So why have they not done it?

The answers are many and all are justifiable "reasons" to put it off. Lack of discipline, don't know the process, are intimidated by the process, not sure how to outline the manuscript, who to help them write it, edit it, proof it and approve it. Who to go to for publishing and how that all works adds to the layers of complications, distractions and "reasons" for not getting started.

We have an entrepreneur who has mastered the process from A to Z and is going to showcase her method and process for not only writing your book, but also how to publish it, promote it and promote YOU in the process.

Get ready to meet the innovator of the self-publishing business, Ms. Lee Romanov by signing up to the Webinar!
Lee Romanov has self-published several books.  

Her 1st book went viral, around the globe and her website got slammed with over 1 million unique visitors in one day!

She has since been interviewed by CNN, FOX, CBC, BBC, and numerous other major media outlets worldwide. The response to her wisdom and unique solution to an age-old problem has been nothing short of amazing.

Lee has given thousands of people a unique insight to self-publishing, including the many areas of considerations and a secret known by only a few.

Lee has agreed to share her secrets with in a private webinar, at NO COST, on Thursday, Nov. 16, at 4 pm PST.